st. peter's church of coupland (ucc)

"The Church on the Hill with a Heart as Big as Texas"

PO Box 146   /   108 Wathen, Coupland, TX. 78615     512-856-2433

                    St. Peter's Church

History of Our Church

 In 1890 the budding village of Coupland lacked one important institution, a church.  So the Swiss and German immigrants, feeling an urgent need for religious leadership, got together and met in a small school house.  They arranged to have a German speaking minister visit the community from time to time to perform necessary religious rites and conduct religious services.  They were able to find a pastor on a part-time basis in Rev. F. Ernst of McDade.  It is not known how the name St. Peters originated, but is seems to have become fixed in the minds of the people in the years that followed.  

  As the German and Swiss settlers wrote home to encourage their friends and families to move, the population of Coupland and the church increased greatly.   

  When a rail line was laid through town, the population began booming.  Shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, Coupland boasted 25 businesses - including several doctors, pharmacies, garages and the Coupland Inn.

  It was at this time that the ever-expanding church decided that the time was right to move out of the school house and into a new, permanent, location.  The sanctuary was built in 1905-1906 with the aid of the church's 54 member families.   The meeting Hall was added in 1925 and the two structures were connected in 1953.

  The church founded a ladies' aid organization, a young person's society and two choirs.  Also during this period, the church received land to expand its cemetery, now located on the west side of SH95.