History of Our Church

In 1890 the budding village of Coupland lacked one important institution, a church. So the Swiss and German immigrants, feeling an urgent need for religious leadership, got together and met in a small school house. They arranged to have a German speaking minister visit the community from time to time to perform necessary religious rites and conduct religious services. They were able to find a pastor on a part-time basis in Rev. F. Ernst of McDade. It is not known how the name St. Peters originated, but is seems to have become fixed in the minds of the people in the years that followed.

As the German and Swiss settlers wrote home to encourage their friends and families to move, the population of Coupland and the church increased greatly. When a rail line was laid through town, the population began booming. Shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, Coupland boasted 25 businesses – including several doctors, pharmacies, garages and the Coupland Inn.

† Mission Statement

We, the people of St. Peter’s Church of Coupland, recognizing Jesus Christ as the Son of God, invite all to share the joy of God’s Word through the Holy Spirit, calling us to community, worship, service and fellowship.


The earliest recorded burials in Coupland were 1891. In 1910, St. Peter’s Church purchased two acres of land from O.R. and Johanna Speckels for the establishment of a church cemetery. In 1913, the heirs of R. Aschen donated their adjacent family burial plot to the church. Additional parcels of land were conveyed by the Speckels family in 1932, 1944 and 1945.

St. Peter’s Church Cemetery is eligible for designation as a State Historical Cemetery, and we are preparing the documentation to submit to the Texas Historical Commission.

The St. Peter’s Cemetery Committee oversees the maintenance of the cemetery, sells plots and keeps records. Maintenance costs are paid from interest earned on proceeds from the sale of cemetery plots. Unfortunately, this small amount of income doesn’t cover the mowing the grass.

Contact the Church office (512.856.2433) for information concerning burials at the cemetery.